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Pinball sighting - Jurassic Park at Home in Frome

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Created on 16th Jul 2018 by Matt Sims

Date of sighting: 16th Jul 2018
Venue details: Home Get Map
  United Kingdom
Type of venue: Home Owned
Machine seen: Jurassic Park
Condition: 3-Average Condition Guide
Cost per game: 50p for 1 credit / 1 for 3
Comments: Cabinet needs restoration work. Bumps, scrapes and some wood splitting on the corners need filling, sanding and repainting. Some delamination of the translite. Playfield needs a clean but is in reasonable condition for its age. Some damage around holes needs some repair and/or installation of pinhole protectors. Power Shed switch doesn't register each time making CHAOS mode difficult to obtain. Metal on switch needs bending more in subway to trigger more accurately. Bulbs all replaced with Noflix Plus premium LEDs. Rubbers replaced with Titan Tournament grade silicone. Captive ball replaced with white ceramic Naviball/powerball. Additional toys added including; Jeep Wrangler, Velociraptor and additional Pteranodon.

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