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Pinball sighting - Mr & Mrs Pacman at Caesars Palace in Great Yarmouth

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Created on 2nd Aug 2022 by David Bowery
Last edited on 13th Jan 2024 by Glenn Barkell

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Date of sighting: 13th Jan 2024
Venue details: Caesars Palace Get Map
  33 Marine Parade
  Great Yarmouth
  NR30 2EN
  United Kingdom
Type of venue: Arcade
Machine seen: Mr & Mrs Pacman
Condition: Pinball Removed Condition Guide
Cost per game: 50p
Comments: Really playable although was leaning a little to the left when we visited. A few bulbs out but played nice enough for us to chuck 3 into it **still plays but has no sound. Also I played it this afternoon and one of the pop bumper caps came off..and promptly got wedged in the trough (reported to the technican) :-) in the same small room off the right hand side of the arcade with the rest of the pinballs. **Now removed**

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